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My passion is helping you face any pain, loss, discomfort, or relationship conflict life has dealt you. ​I offer a confidential, safe and therapeutic environment so you can experience healing and live your life more wholeheartedly.

My approach is collaborative & experiential. I incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities including but not limited to EMDR, EFT, Prepare/Enrich, and mindfulness. As a licensed and experienced Physical Therapist, I am uniquely qualified to connect the mind and the body to promote healing. I believe the mind, emotions, body and spirit are integral to well being and whole health.​

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making sense of our emotions

Making Sense of Our Emotions

“She’s so emotional.” “I wish I wasn’t so emotional.” These are comments I hear often in my office. According to the psychology dictionary, Emotion is the complex reaction pattern to situations around us that involves experiential, behavioral and physiological elements. Let’s allow the depth of this description to sink in. We are emotional beings. To […]

dealing with stress at work

Dealing With Stress At Work

You’ve got deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, client deals hanging in the balance, and it feels like the whole team is counting on you. No matter what your line of business, you’ve no doubt been under stressful circumstances. If you’re an employer, both you and your employees probably face the challenges of stress on […]

self care

Selfish, or Self-Care?

Are you a giver? A people pleaser? I see many clients in my office who are exhausted – who thought they were on the right path, and yet they’ve lost the energy they once had. Some are mothers with young children. Others are…

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