How Connected Are You?

Connection is both an art and science. Two basic components of communications are talking about yourself and asking questions of the other. […]

self care

Selfish, or Self-Care?

Are you a giver? A people pleaser? I see many clients in my office who are exhausted – who thought they were on the right path, and yet they’ve lost the energy they once had. Some are mothers with young children. Others are…

Is Technology Damaging Your Relationships?

Is technology interfering with your most important relationships? Have you ever looked forward to intimate time with your partner only to feel alone because they are looking at their smartphone? Mindfulness is a common…

integrative counseling

What is Integrative Counseling?

The body, mind, and heart are integral and cannot be separated in order for a person to be healthy. Integrative counseling is a unifying therapy that responds to each individual at the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels.